Getting started

Getting to your first load curve in 10 easy steps!

Just follow these steps:

  1. Download the LPG from the Download page. You can use either the Setup or just download the ZIP-file and unpack it where ever you like.
  2. Start the LPG.
  3. Now go down in the list on the left side until you see “Calculation”. Click on it.
  4. The page that opens now should look like the picture.
    Calculation Screen

  5. Now click on the calculation type (#1) and select what you want to calculate:
  • A modular household models the same thing, but the data input is done a bit easier making it quicker to use.
  • A house models a house, meaning one or more households and the household infrastructure.
  • A settlement models many houses or households.
  1. Select a household from the list in the Combobox marked with 2. Which one you choose is up to you. CHH01 is a good choice for the first one.
  2. If you don’t want files with a resolution of 1 minute, you can select in Field #3 to additionally create files with for example 1h time resolution.
  3. In field #4 you need to tell the LPG where exactly it should put all the files. A full year for one household at 1 minute with all the result files turned on generates about 1.5 GB of data, so make sure there is enough space.
  4. In the fields #5 and #6 you need to enter some dates from when to when the profile should be.
  5. Click on #7, “Calculate” and wait a bit.