Version 10.10



  • Fixed issues in predefined household templates
    • Adapted all households with two workers to use two different tags (“Work 1” and “Work 2”) in order to avoid conflicts
    • Fixed invalid work trait assignments to persons in CHR39
    • Added missing alarm trait to CHR14
    • Fixed some missing/incorrect traits for Richard and Dani
    • Changed classification of “voluntary work” to “entertainment”
  • Fixed errors with floating point formats depending on the windows regionalization settings
  • Fixed issues with identical GUIDs for travel route sets
  • Added weights to living pattern tags to allow for a more realistic distribution when using templates to generate households
  • Upgraded to .NET 8.0
  • Updated all Nuget dependencies
  • Improved scrolling in result view
  • Added more detailled logging to the thougths file on why affordances are currently not available
  • Fixed some minor bugs