Version 3.8



Note: This release is mostly an interim step on the way to the goal of the automatic settlement generation

  • Lots of smaller bug fixes.
  • Normalized Vacations as a new type to enable better variation of the vacations in the combined households.
  • Added quite a bit of functionality to the household traits to help with the automatic creation of new combined households.
  • Added household templates for the automatic creation of new combined households.
  • Changed the result files for houses to also produce files per household.
  • Improved the household plans
  • Improved the household traits and added new ones
  • General database maintenance

Warning: This release breaks some of the old households, the ones starting with Hxx. The new households, starting with CHxx are not all finished yet. If you have the problems with this, try using V3.7 for now. The long-term plan is to phase out all the Hxx households and switch them over to combined households.

H17 for example is still broken.