Version 4.3


Help Please!

Starting with v4.3 the main task is now improving the predefined households. Therefore the following request for help:

Please help improve the LPG by increasing the data basis.

Two things would help a lot:

  • First, if you have measured device profiles (doesn’t really matter which devices), please consider donating some to the LPG.
  • Second, it would be helpful to have behaviour data about more households. So if you have time, please consider if it would be possible to keep track of all the actions in your household for a few days in a 15 min resolution. If you send me such data, I’ll model your household for you. All behaviour data will be anonymized of course and all donated device profiles will be properly attributed.


  • Bugfix for the newly introduced bug from 4.2 that made affordances unusable.
  • Switched CHS01 completely to triggered laundry, dryer and dishwasher.