Version 6.7



  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the time offset in a device activation to be applied twice.
  • Lots of internal reworking to prepare for the electro mobility implementation
  • Fixed a bug with importing Household templates.
  • Removed the conventional households since those were obselete
  • Removed person desires since those were obselete too
  • Reworked the entire command line interface. A lot of parameter names have been changed, so you need to adjust your scripts.
  • Reworked the vacation generation. Now it is possible to automatically generate random vacations when using household templates, even with probability distributions over the year.
  • Put in a check for the .NET Framework version that will tell you if you need to update.
  • Implemented most of the elements for the future electro mobility functionality. They do not work yet though, so don’t bother trying them out.
  • This is the first version that will automatically try to report crashes via Internet. If you need something fixed asap though, please don’t hesistate to contact me via the contact form or email.

Due to the large internal reworking this version might be a bit unstable. If you run into problems, maybe switch back to version 6.6