Version 6.9



  • Fixed the occasional Unix-Newline in the output.
  • House type “used by” error fixed.
  • Added a lot of settlement processing charts to the simulationengine.external
  • More household template integrity checking.
  • Mandatory homework for school children
  • Added more online error reporting. All exceptions will be reported online now to help me fix them. If this is an issue for you, please contact me.
  • Added an online update check at the program start.
  • Refined the cooking affordances and split them into lunch and dinner.
  • Introduced living patterns to the household templates to help guide the household templates to better randomly generated households
  • Introduced some more sleeping affordances with different time schedules
  • Added an affordance weight in the household traits to be able to set for example that a person is cooking 4 days a week and ordering pizza one day per week.
  • Various bugfixes