Version 8.0



This is the first version after major changes that includes mobility.

It is still an alpha-version. Unless you really need the electric car charging profiles, I recommend using v7.2. for now.

Additionally I made a ton of changes in the internals. For example most of result data gets written to a Sqlite database, mostly as JSON now instead of various CSV files. This makes parsing vastly easier, but requires a suitable database browser instead of just clicking on a CSV.


  • Introduced mobility
  • Fixed a lot of old bugs
  • Reworked the entire calculation engine
  • Cleaned up and rewrote the entire post processing to make it more modular and extendable.
  • Changed the calculation engine to include an additional step. Now it first creates a JSON household definition and then uses that for the calculation. The JSON is saved to the database, so that you can now inspect in detail how the household is built.
  • This is a very important step towards open sourcing the calculation engine.
  • Made the entire chart generating software more modular.
  • Broke the UI settlement calculations. Now settlement calculations are only possible with the command line interface.
  • Updated to the new .NET Framework 4.7.2