Version 9.6



  • added more json exports for device profiles, transportation distances and more to easier implement import into other software.
  • fixed bad file names
  • changed the entire post processing dependency management to something much more reasonable
  • fixed all the bugs releated to incorrect post processing dependencies
  • added unit test for every single calcoption
  • Added unit test for all households, all housetypes and all transportation options
  • added inner heat gains to all devices to model how much heat they contribute to a house
  • switched from nunit to xunit to deal with various .NET Core issues
  • added bodily activity level tracking to all activities to model how much body heat each activity contributes to the house
  • changed the release code
  • added binaries for .NET Core on Windows and Linux
  • Added a command to generate Python bindings for scripting the LPG with Python
  • Various speed improvements